Our Story

Alobudra is a magical emporium born from a lifetime of curiosity and learning. Curated by owner/operator Erica.  We offer a wide variety of services and metaphysical tools to soothe the body, heal the soul, and nurture the spirit.

The shop you see today came from our desire to expand consciousness within our community while also contributing to the rebirth of the downtown Madison and State Street area.

The centerpiece of Alobudra’s metaphysical collection is our carefully curated wall of herbs, teas, dried mushrooms, resins, and toke blends. More than 100 different jars of natural offerings have been hand-selected based on their particular uses and effectiveness, and each item can be purchased by the ounce.

 Each item has been charged with positive intentions and crafted using corresponding herbs, oils and crystals. These elements help enrich spiritual practice and empower your rituals – including the most overlooked ritual of all: relaxation!

We offer a full-service hair salon featuring holistically sourced hair products and coloring agents, as well as provide the services of a rotating group of local tarot readers, psychics, and other practitioners. Be sure to visit our Instagram and Facebook to see who we’ll be welcoming to our space this month!

We look forward to your visit and want to thank you for contributing to our shop’s energy as we add our dot of light to the global grid!

The welcoming front facade of the Alobudra shop, including arched door and window wells with a bright red door

Our Staff

Erica, the owner and proprietor of Alobudra


Hair Stylist

The visionary, guardian and owner of Alobudra. Born and raised in the central East Coast, Erica has called Madison home for more than 25 years. She brings her wisdom, insight, and impeccable eye for quality to the shop’s vast collection, and she also lends her hair expertise as the main stylist in Alobudra’s full-service hair salon.